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Endowed Gifts

A gift to the endowment at Wayne State University is an investment in the future. With careful stewardship, endowed funds grow in value over time, providing resources in perpetuity. Each endowed fund has an invested principal that is never spent. The principal earns income that is then distributed to a spending account. The spending account is then used to support the specified purpose of the endowed fund.

Endowed funds can be restricted, meaning that they are used to support a purposeĀ designated by the donor. Many Wayne State donors designate their giving to a specific school, college or department. Alternatively, some donors establish unrestricted endowed funds, which are used by the university to provide support where it is needed most.

Endowed funds at Wayne State University are pooled together and reside in the Common Trust Fund. These assets are invested by external managers who are selected by the Wayne State University Foundation Investment Committee. The committee closely monitors the investment managersā€™ performance with guidance from university staff and an external advisor, NEPC, LLC.

Endowment Overview as of June 30, 2013
The endowment overview provides a detailed look at endowment performance and management at Wayne State University for the past academic year.

Endowment Questions and Answers
Learn more about the endowment at Wayne State University. How is the endowment managed? How does it compare to other universities? What is the spending rate policy?

Endowment Impact
At Wayne State University, the endowment provides annual income to support initiatives all across the university, from student scholarships to research and academic programs.