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Dedicated physical therapy student says scholarships help lessen the load

Dedicated physical therapy student says scholarships help lessen the load
Sam Al-Qattan, a second year physical therapy student, says he knew he would be able to get loans, financial aid and scholarships if he worked really hard. And he was right.

Sam Al-Qattan is a second-year graduate student who decided to attend Wayne State University because of its prestigious doctor of physical therapy program. 

“Wayne State has a great reputation and has one of the best physical therapy programs in the state,” said Al-Qattan. Quality was important to him when choosing what university to attend. He said reputation mattered more than financial aid. 

“Wayne State University does have one of the most affordable tuitions compared to other research universities, but as a student the goal is worth any price,” said Al-Qattan. “I knew I would be able to get loans, financial aid and scholarships if I worked really hard.” And he was right. 

Al-Qattan has worked hard and earned several scholarships through the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He also has received a graduate professional scholarship and diversity scholarship from the university. 

“Scholarships are important in reminding me of all the hard work I am putting in to progress forward,” he said. “Scholarships help lessen the loans I have to take out and help me pay for classes, which gets me a step closer to graduating.”

Al-Qattan thinks of Wayne State as a training ground, a place to prepare. He has been impressed with Wayne State’s ability to allow for student growth. “You are able to start student organizations, host events, make change in your community, influence lives, become a leader and mentor others,” he said. 

Al-Qattan transferred to Wayne State for his final undergraduate year before continuing on to Wayne State’s graduate school. He used this transitional year to start a pre-professional medical society. 

This proved to be Al-Qattan’s most defining moment at Wayne State. His undergraduate career was ending, yet his experience at Wayne State was only beginning. Leading a student organization was his first step toward long-term community engagement. 

“The pre-professional medical society became my home,” said Al-Qattan. “It allowed me to know that I can make a big change and reminded me that I need to be involved in academia down the line in my career.”

Al-Qattan participated in more than just the pre-professional medical society. He also founded the Physical Therapy Association class of 2015 and served as student senator of the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 

Currently, he devotes his time to providing free physical therapy services at S.A.Y. Detroit Clinic and volunteering at homeless shelters, health promotion events and Detroit-area fundraisers. 

Al-Qattan plans on staying connected to the organizations he’s involved with after he graduates. Most especially, he wants to contribute to the organizations’ futures. But regarding Al-Qattan’s own future, he aspires to work in an outpatient orthopedics clinic and possibly teach at Wayne State.

(Posted August 4, 2014)

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