Scholarships enable Wayne Law student to get involved

Scholarships enable Wayne Law student to get involved
Giuliano Mancini co-founded the Italian-American Law Student Association.

Giuliano Mancini is making the most of his time at Wayne Law, thanks to scholarship support that allows him to focus on his future career rather than his current finances.

“Scholarships have made it possible for me to attend law school and concentrate on my studies without financial worry,” said Mancini, who has received the Wayne Law Governor’s Scholarship and David Adamany Endowed Constitutional Law Scholar Award. “Furthermore, my scholarships have permitted me to be more flexible when considering employment and professional development opportunities.”

Mancini is an assistant editor of the Wayne Law Review, and he co-founded the Italian-American Law Student Association (IALSA) with two classmates. The organization hosts speaking events with local Italian-American judges, maintains a collection of academic resources for students, and provides information on scholarship opportunities for Italian-American students.

“Not having any attorneys in my family, nor knowing many attorneys prior to starting law school, we formed IALSA to leverage our heritage in order to better connect with and learn from the large amount of Italian-American lawyers and judges within the Detroit area,” said Mancini, who currently serves as the IALSA president.

Students involved with IALSA, as well as other groups at Wayne Law, also receive less tangible benefits. Research demonstrates that student organizations and volunteer opportunities help students develop academic and professional skills.

Mancini plans to use the skills he has developed at Wayne Law to build a real estate career. “I hope to use my legal education to guide real estate developers in Detroit,” he said. “They can make positive impacts on the city's physical landscape and its citizens, while also advancing their own interests and development goals.”

Once he is established in his career, Mancini plans to give back to Wayne Law to express his gratitude for those who have supported him.

“It means a lot to have complete strangers care for your economic well-being as a student,” he said. “I hope that later on in my own life I will be in a position to pay forward their generosity to the next generation of Wayne Law students.”

(April 5, 2017)

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